[arch-general] LVM Thin Provisioning

Squall Lionheart headmastersquall at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 11:12:13 EST 2012

> This should work
> $ modinfo dm-thin-pool
> filename:
> /lib/modules/3.6.6-1-ARCH/kernel/drivers/md/dm-thin-pool.ko.gz
> license:        GPL
> author:         Joe Thornber <dm-devel at redhat.com>
> description:    device-mapper thin provisioning target
> depends:        dm-persistent-data,dm-mod
> intree:         Y
> vermagic:       3.6.6-1-ARCH SMP preempt mod_unload modversions

Thank you for your response.  I loaded the module using "modprobe
dm_thin_pool" and it can be seen using

# lsmod  | grep dm_
dm_thin_pool           39196  0
dm_persistent_data     37291  1 dm_thin_pool
dm_bufio               14228  1 dm_persistent_data
libcrc32c               1002  1 dm_persistent_data
dm_snapshot            28351  0
dm_zero                 1247  0
dm_mod                 72105  5 dm_zero,dm_bufio,dm_thin_pool,dm_snapshot


# dmsetup targets
thin-pool        v1.4.0
thin             v1.4.0
snapshot-merge   v1.1.0
snapshot-origin  v1.7.1
snapshot         v1.10.0
zero             v1.0.0
striped          v1.5.0
linear           v1.1.0
error            v1.0.1

however, I still get the same error message when trying to create a thin
volume/pool.  I couldn't find any options in lvm.conf that needed to be set
either.  Is there something else I can try?

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