[arch-general] File permissions with udisks/udisk2 mounts

Paul Marwick paul.marwick at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 12:00:20 EST 2012

I tried asking this on the forum, didn't get any real answers, so I'm 
hoping someone here can help.

I have a script located on a Vfat-formatted flash drive. When mounted 
using udisks, there are no execute permissions showing on the files, and 
they cannot be set.

After some research, it seems that udisks works with polkit to set 
things like permission on mounted devices. Unfortunately, so far my 
attempts at research haven't led me to any information on setting 
permissions the way I need them, or even where the settings are stored. 
So I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction - I want to be 
able to modify things like execute permissions on mounted devices when I 
need to. I'm not all that partial to being effectively told I can't do 
that - reminds me much too much of Windows.

I've tried a few workarounds, with little or no success. I installed 
pmount and used it with the -e option to mount the device. Still no 
execute permissions. I tried using sh to execute the script - failed 
again.... I also tried adding the device to /etc/fstab. In that 
instance, the file showed as executable, but any attempt to execute it, 
even as root, got a 'permission denied' message.  Argh!


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