[arch-general] File permissions with udisks/udisk2 mounts

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 23 19:10:51 EST 2012

On Fri, 23 Nov 2012 13:12:57 -0600
Leonid Isaev <lisaev at umail.iu.edu> wrote:

> In any case, even with noexec and fmask=0177, calling
> "bash /media/<dir>/<script>" still works, so you must be doing
> something wrong...

I missed the tried sh part. You only need read for shell as bash is what
has execute permissions. It would be good if interpreters honoured
noexec or there was a nointerp flag but they don't. Of course you can
wrap any interpreter easily enough to do this.

Can you even open the script that failed with an editor and you did
use /bin/sh script.sh and not . to execute, right.

If you can read with root but not a user or not with root or not with
either then it might be quite telling.

If you can read with both then the output of mount would be
needed and might be useful anyway.

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