[arch-general] is it possible to disable bold(bright) color under console?

Stephen E. Baker baker.stephen.e at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 10:16:06 EDT 2012

On 04/09/2012 3:14 PM, Xeslaro wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 04, 2012 at 12:33:53PM +0200, Rodrigo Rivas wrote:
>> You are not telling wich console are you using... Are you in some kind of
>> virtual terminal? Or in the linux console? If the latter, are you using the
>> old VGA console or the new FB console?
>> -- 
>> Rodrigo
>    sorry, i thought there's a general way to do it. i want to do it under xterm and fb console with agetty running.
You can modify the .Xresources files and redefine the bright colours.

(Remember to xrdb the file when you're done, and add xrdb to your xinit 
if you haven't already)

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