[arch-general] Openstack keystone

Andy Pieters pieters.andy.mailing at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 09:15:32 EDT 2012

HI guys

If this is beyond the scope of the list, then please accept my apologies.

I am trying to install the entire OpenStack stack on Arch Linux and keep
running into an issue with the keystone service.

As far as I understand it, most of it is written in Python.

To install the keystone service, I created a PKGBUILD file (see attachment)
which seems to work fine,but the resulting applications seem to be missing
a key component. The error I keep getting is 'no module named server'.

I have researched this error far and wide and nothing I find actually gives
me any insight into why this error keeps happening.

The packages I find for Fedora and Redhat and variants on pbone.net seem to
include files that mine does not have.

I am really unfamiliar with Pyhon so it could be that some files are only
installed when other dependencies are present.

I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to build OpenStack from
scratch (other than for Debian, and Redhat/Fedora).

I will also ask on the OpenStack mailing list if there is one, but does
anyone have any clues as to why keystone-all keeps whining about not having
a module named server?

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