[arch-general] console font on tty[1-6] with systemd

Rodrigo Rivas rodrigorivascosta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 11:13:24 EDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 3:11 PM, Andrzej Giniewicz <gginiu at gmail.com> wrote:

> During startup, the fonts change for a while, but as soon as getty is
> run, fonts return to default. If I login into tty[1-6] and call
> systemd-vconsole-setup manually, fonts are loaded correctly. I don't see
> anything bad in journal or on screen during boot, at least nothing that
> got my attention. Also, it works when not using systemd, so I guess that
> config file is OK.

What is the output of:
    #systemctl status systemd-vconsole-setup.service

And if you are into it you can also post the output of:
    #systemctl show systemd-vconsole-setup.service

Just in case.


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