[arch-general] almost got archlinux installed

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Fri Sep 14 04:24:22 EDT 2012

First, the hack to force the sound card on and to be unmuted does work.  
I put it into /etc/profile since that should apply to the whole system.  
I did manage to get dmesg output saved to a file.  I'll see if I can get 
that copied to another place where it can be shared later.  I failed to 
create a user account as root though I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do 
that with the installation disk in the drive running everything.  What 
happened to cause the failure was that speakup died and I couldn't get it 
back to life just as the system said changing finger information.  So I 
never managed to finish creating that user account.  What is going on that 
should cause this, I do not know.  When I tried mandb as root, speakup 
also died and I never got the root prompt back and typing the reboot 
command failed to speak as I typed it or to reboot the system.  Failed to 
create secure file system message went away after I changed ro to rw in 
syslinux.cfg.  Should /dev/sda3 have been mentioned in syslinux.cfg where 
I have /home?  If so, I didn't do that and this may explain some of the 
difficulties.  Finally, archlinux has to have enter hit once booted to 
start talking and I had adjusted timeout from 50 down to 20 earlier.  The 
consolation prize for all of this is with each effected correction, the 
problems get different which since speakup still speaks sometimes and the 
system still boots probably points at some form of progress.

jude <jdashiel at shellworld.net>
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