[arch-general] almost got archlinux installed

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Fri Sep 14 07:12:53 EDT 2012

According to Jude DaShiell:
# Failed to create secure file system message went away after I changed 
ro to rw in
# syslinux.cfg.  Should /dev/sda3 have been mentioned in syslinux.cfg where
# I have /home?  If so, I didn't do that and this may explain some of the
# difficulties.

The device mentioned in syslinux.cfg should refer to the root (/) of 
your system. It usually should be mounted read-only when the kernel is 
loaded, which is why the ro parameter is included at the end of the 
kernal append line. The system then remounts everything rw later in the 
boot process.

All your filesystems should be mounted in /etc/fstab. Did you run

genfstab -p /mnt >/mnt/etc/fstab

or similar, optionally including -U or -L, during the install process? 
Doing so should have remounted / rw once the kernel was successfully loaded.

As soon as you can do so, it could help if you can post the dmesg output 
you managed to save along with your latest syslog or systemd journal.

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