[arch-general] testing/systemd 191-1 failed to boot

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Sat Sep 22 04:07:30 EDT 2012

Am Sat, 22 Sep 2012 15:09:02 +0900
schrieb Zhengyu Xu <xzy3186 at gmail.com>:

> After updating systemd to 191-1 in testing repo, I had following
> messages during booting and the process was stuck (crashed).
> [   10.539416] systemd[1]: segfault at 7d ip b75a97b7 sp bfb0ece8
> error 4 in libc-2.16.so[b752a000+1a4000]
> [   10.539700] systemd[1]: Caught <SEGV>, core dump failed.
> Downgrade to 189-4 can solve this problem. I want to know if this
> is a personal problem or a general bug affecting others as well.

Why am I not surprised?

Yes, binary init system is so much better than a script based init
system. And Poetterix is so damn good, so advanced, such an evolution
and so much better than the common and over 40 years well tested

Come on systemd fanboys, here you have the first example. There's more
to come. I'll get my popcorn.


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