[arch-general] trolling and leaving

Joakim Hernberg jbh at alchemy.lu
Sat Sep 22 06:43:11 EDT 2012

On Sat, 22 Sep 2012 15:21:44 +0530
phani <listmail at phanisvara.com> wrote:

> one troll can't do serious harm. it's when a bunch of others decide
> to take him on again & again that things get out of hand. just keep
> quiet!

I totally agree, the successful troll turns others into worst trolls
than themselves.  The only cure is either to ban or to ignore.

Personally I find it sad to see our devs and tus taking the course of
just leaving instead of ignoring threads.  I mean mostly the list is low
level, and one can easily ignore a thread or two if one doesn't want to

Oh well, here's to a brighter future! :)



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