[arch-general] testing/systemd 191-1 failed to boot

Denis A. Altoé Falqueto denisfalqueto at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:21:16 EDT 2012

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Heiko Baums <lists at baums-on-web.de> wrote:
> Am Tue, 25 Sep 2012 09:28:40 -0300
> schrieb Denis A. Altoé Falqueto <denisfalqueto at gmail.com>:
>> How long will we have to endure such nonsense? Heiko, you hijacked a
>> thread just to tell your opinion, which everyone already know from
>> your previous posts. And, please, don't reply to me. I don't care.
>> Thomas, wasn't he banned? I just thought he was, because he was threat
>> and, yet, was pretty harsh on his later reply. I really don't
>> understand that. Of course, the list managers have all the freedom to
>> do as they please, but a threat that is not upheld is
>> counterproductive.
> What about banning you, because of writing totally bullshit which has
> totally nothing to do with systemd, because of just telling your hate
> against "systemd haters"? One more who wants to have other people being
> banned just because he doesn't want to read other people's opinions.
> "Hey, I don't like him and his opinion. So admins, ban him." Is it
> this what you want to say?
> Sorry, I really don't want to and won't continue this way, but I just
> had to answer to this. And, btw., no, I wasn't the one who got personal
> here. So don't blame me, blame Denis.
> People, particularly the systemd fanboys, should really start opening
> their eyes and taking off their rose-colored glasses.

Have you read this?


Specifcaly, this part?

"If I see you interrupting one more technical discussion with trolls and
flames, you will be banned indefinitely without further notice. I will
not see another one week flamewar on this list."

Those are no my words, btw.

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