[arch-general] testing/systemd 191-1 failed to boot

G. Schlisio g.schlisio at gmx.de
Tue Sep 25 11:26:49 EDT 2012

Am 25.09.2012 16:59, schrieb Simon Perry:
> On 25/09/12, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> | There's a difference between using a strong tone, and being a troll.
> |
> | Using that definition, Linus Torvalds is a troll on the LKML. I disagree.
> The Linux kernel has never had a bug that has resulted in an
> un-bootable system. So as Heiko says, that is why systemd is worse than
> the kernel (it could also be my rose-tinted glasses).
> Let's wait for Heiko to release his perfect init system (which will be
> better than bash scripts, systemd, the kernel itself etc) because it
> will never fail or ever have a bug that results in a system being
> un-bootable.
> We'll have no chance to be total douchebags on mailing lists, and not
> report actual bugs because his system will never fail, at all, ever!
> You're a credit to humanity, Heiko, keep on truckin', sunshine.
please stop it altogether.
this leads nowhere.

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