[arch-general] Re: Mailing list closed for 24 hours

Nicolas Sebrecht nsebrecht at piing.fr
Thu Sep 27 10:35:40 EDT 2012

The 27/09/12, Tobias Frilling wrote:

> IMHO the cause of all these flaming is that arch-general is too, well, general.

The problem is not that arch-general is the wrong place for the latter
threads. Users are correct to think such discussion should happen here.

The problem is that maintainers, developers and advanced users want
quality and constructive discussions. But this kind of contribution
should happen on the archlinux-dev mailing list which is currently not
possible because it's _closed_. The problem is that the dev list should
be *open* to subscriptions. Trolling naturally does not happen in such
list ― or die very fast ― because of the direct relationship of the
discussions with the code and the maintenance jobs.

Instead of fragmenting more the mailing lists with the hope of putting
poor contributions out of place for advanced users, let enter the
technical oriented users into the dev mailing list. Also, this would not
let maintainers break from the constructive users with massive
unsubscriptions from here. 

BTW, I find it's a shame that advanced users with technical and valid
messages have to *fork* a thread from the dev list to the general list
(or post a new request to the general list) with the *hope* that a
maintainer/developer catch the reply in the other public mailing list.
And no, I don't find requesting in private is a solution, either.

The problem is not at the general mailing list but at the dev mailing
list side.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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