[arch-general] Mailing list closed for 24 hours

Martín Cigorraga msx at archlinux.us
Thu Sep 27 16:32:08 EDT 2012

While I would like to support @Tobias idea of splitting the list I also
agree with all the following emails.
Btw, so much time using Arch and I've never heard about
http://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux, thanks for that.

I only want to add an observation to what was already said:
Tipically all this flame seems to arise at the gates of new'n profound
changes and as such it's perfectly understandable that these kind of things
We Arch Linux users are a kind of users who:
1. loves to know. While we are glad to solve a specific issue that's
graying our hair, we will *not* be satisfied until we understand what the
hell was happening and all the inner workings of that - that's a fact.
2. we don't like to let anybody hold our hand (well, I would let Eva Mendes
hold mine... ) and as such we tend to be a bit grumpy about those users who
come for help without actually _thinking_ about what can be the problem or
at least without searching the forums, the wiki and the intertubes. On the
other hand we are totally open to those folks that come with a problem
explaining what's happenig, what they did and the results (in part because
we enjoy solving these puzzles).
3. we are mostly self taught, autodidacts. As such we each develop an
almost _unique_ way to interact with our systems and as such are our
viewpoints about general GNU/Linux and F/LOSS and everything's else in
life: yeah, we are free thinkers.
4. as a result of above we usually tailor our systems to our own personal
taste and way to use it.
5. as a result of above we usually have a *strong* opinion about things,
specially that things that may/will change the way we use our system - and
here is when flames arise.
6. in the end we all love Arch with it's drawbacks -thankfully not many-
and all it awesomeness, and deeply we know that while there are some
aspects that aren't exactly the way we expect or at least how we would like
them to be, the reality is that when we see how other distros works, when
we have to deal with other distros because work, support to friends, our
LUGs or anything else, we don't like them: while there may be some puntual
things that may appeal to us the overall system _don't_! So Arch Linux's
the way, what else? (At least this is how I feel regarding the rest of
GNU/Linux distros since I first meet Arch a few years ago.)

As a result of above I forsee more flaming in the future whenever a
critical update or shift (like systemd is) come, that's shitty but's a
natural reaction and thus we need to remain patient to passionate arguments
and stubborn people - which in no way means to sacrifice our opinions.
Regarding the flow of new users it's likely they *must* learn our house
rules rather to we accomodate to them. I consider the forums, the wiki,
this list and Arch Linux in general as my house in what F/LOSS regards and
I don't like to see it vandalized - and wont allow that.
A bit of trolling is funny as well too much politeness is insufferable and
I can accomodate a low-hit if a say or ask for something stupid -and I will
be the first to make laugh of myself for that- but newcomers should to be
_clearly_ aware that we don't like nor support bad attitude and that we can
hold their hands only to help them start: in this regard I can say Arch
Linux is one of the most both friendly and connoisseur communities abroad
GNU/Linux-land and I'm most grateful for it for help me start using this
great distro when I first switched from *buntu-land.

I'm but sure that now the systemd adoption is a fact we will have peaceful
times ahead with the usual chit-chat and the new technologie seek-for-aid
mails so I vote to give us -this list- some time before commit any change
like splitting or anything else.
Also I would like to encourage any dev, TU or skillful users that might
have unsubscribed in the recent time to subscribe again an help push
arch-general to it's greatest potential.


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