[arch-general] Another 'gotta be something idiotic': trying to create bootable USB thumb drive

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sun Apr 14 16:22:06 EDT 2013

According to Rashif Ray Rahman:
# Using UUIDs is simply a habit I incurred from having to swap disks and
# systems around, where I am allowed to "deploy once and forget".

In that use case, I can see how UUID's may possibly be useful,
especially if you work with many systems and swap disks around to the
point you forget what label you used. In this case, it is probably just
as easy to use UUID's as labels, since upon running genfstab, you can
simply use the -U option. If you never have to look at /etc/fstab or
differentiate between filesystems in a human readable way, it could
definitely make things somewhat simpler.
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