[arch-general] The "new" opensmtpd package

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera hugo at osvaldobarrera.com.ar
Wed Apr 17 07:28:08 EDT 2013


All of a sudden, this morning, after running pacman -Syu, I found myself
incapable of sending emails from several of my machines.
I had noticed not warnings, or errors, and, after tracking the issue
for a while, it turns out the problem was the new opensmtpd package in
[community], which had replaced my own one (present in AUR).

I've been maintaining an opensmtpd package in AUR for a long time now
(it was recently renamed to "opensmtpd", but I had maintaing it under the
previous name since it's early development, which I follow very closely).

One of the problems with the new package in [community], is that it's
build configuration differs SO MUCH from the defaults (and my own
package), that their settings are incompatible. I belive this goes
against the Arch way, which is to stay as close as possible to upstream.

Also, the one in [community] has explicit flags that actually reduce
security (for what reason, I wonder?).

At first, I though I'd contact the author, but I couldn't find out
how. The PKGBUILD does not include the maintainer's email, and he's not
listed as a TU or Dev.

Finally, I'm a bit surprised as to how this happened. I planned to
propose to move my own package from AUR to [community] at some point,
but not yet, since it only has 7 votes (way less than what the wiki
describes neccesary). Secondly, I'm confused as to how this is done. If
there's a package in AUR, isn't that moved into [community] instead of
writing a brand new one?

Please don't take this as a rant of "You broke my email setup!",
but rather as a "Hey, this isn't very transpart to the community; how
do these thing happen? How do I contact the maintainer? What was the
procedure to get this package into [community]? Is there any way I can
participate in it's maintenence?"


Hugo Osvaldo Barrera
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