[arch-general] XFCE broken with Gnome 3.8?

Narve narve at hush.ai
Mon Apr 22 14:42:38 EDT 2013

On 04/22/2013 at 8:07 PM, "Paul Marwick" <paul.marwick at gmail.com> wrote:
>David Rosenstrauch wrote:
>> I picked up some Gnome package upgrades last night during a 
>> update, and I haven't been able to log into XFCE ever since.  It 
>> most of the way through the login process, then craps out and 
>> back to the session manager (LXDM).  I'm not even able to see 
>> debug information about what's going on.
>> Anyone have a clue / pointer to a fix / workaround?
>> Thanks,
>> DR
>Not sure how much this helps, but I've just aborted an upgrade, 
>because it looked as tough it was going to drag in most of gnome. 
>looking at the direct gnome sutff, this is what I've been looking 
>gnome-desktop-1:3.8.1-1  gnome-dictionary-3.6.0-2 gnome-font-
>gnome-icon-theme-3.8.0-1  gnome-icon-theme-symbolic- 
>gnome-screenshot-3.8.1-1  gnome-search-tool-3.6.0-2 gnome-system-
>gnome-system-monitor-3.8.0-1  gobject-introspection-1.36.0-1
>lib32-pango-1.34.0-1  libgee-0.10.1-1  libgee06-0.6.8-1 
>libsoup-gnome-2.40.3-1 [removal]  libtracker-sparql-0.16.0-4 
>Prior to this upgrade, I had gnome-utils installed - the extras 
>seem to 
>be baggage picked up by it. I'm going to have to work out whether 
>really needed - I've no desire to have a huge stack of gnome bloat 
>on my 
>nice Xfce system....
>If you're having problems starting Xfce now, sounds like even more 
>reason to refuse the upgrade.

I'm running Xfce with LXDM and it works smoothly even with the new gnome version - tho the only packages from the gnome-group I have installed are those:

narve ~ % pacman -Qg gnome                               [20:38:45 on 13-04-22]
gnome gnome-icon-theme
gnome gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
gnome xdg-user-dirs-gtk

Two of those are even dependencies for xfce4-settings, so they kinda "belong to the suite"..
So it's either some breakage caused by other gnome packages or something completely different.


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