[arch-general] XFCE broken with Gnome 3.8?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Mon Apr 22 23:05:08 EDT 2013

On 04/22/2013 02:42 PM, Narve wrote:
> I'm running Xfce with LXDM and it works smoothly even with the new gnome version - tho the only packages from the gnome-group I have installed are those:
> narve ~ % pacman -Qg gnome                               [20:38:45 on 13-04-22]
> gnome gnome-icon-theme
> gnome gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
> gnome xdg-user-dirs-gtk
> Two of those are even dependencies for xfce4-settings, so they kinda "belong to the suite"..
> So it's either some breakage caused by other gnome packages or something completely different.
> Narve

It's something unique to my user settings, although I haven't been able 
to pin down exactly what yet.  When I launch XFCE as a different user it 
works fine.

That said, XFCE has been working fine with my configuration for months 
(years?), so it's actually rather frustrating to have it break like this.



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