[arch-general] Gnome 3.8 and desktop background

Bjoern Franke bjo at nord-west.org
Wed Apr 24 04:43:50 EDT 2013


> I'm currently using the theme Nokto-3.8[1] which claims to be working
> with 3.8 and [2] is a screenshot of when the file manager isn't
> handling the background, and [3] is when it is handling it.  This is
> how it looks with all 3.8 themes I've tried (not that many I have to
> admit) and also with my old 3.6 theme.  If this really is caused by
> the theme, where can I find a theme that *does* work?

I had this issue also with the standard theme. It worked only with one
background image, with other images including the standard blue stripes
image I got only a blue background.. Did you try some other images?

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