[arch-general] libpng 1.6.7 broken?

Simon Perry arch at sanxion.net
Tue Dec 3 06:19:16 EST 2013

On 03/12/13, Christian Hesse wrote:

| > Why does everything else that I listed display it properly though?
| As you already noticed: Because it uses another version of libpng.

So there's zero backward-compatbility?

Seems unlikely.

| I think you have three possibilities:
| * The image is not generated dynamically but stored in a database. Simply
|   update the image with the fixed one.

Why? Because 1.6.7 can't handle older files?

| * The image is generated dynamically. Probably your server uses a version of
|   libpng which is really old... Consider updating.

The server is an EC2 box, using the Amazon version of RHEL, so yes it is
libpng 1.2.49. Still, seems a bit silly for the newest version that
Firefox dynamically uses to go "nope, not handling it, error".

| * File a bug report for libpng upstream.

This seems like the best course of action but, as I said origianlly, if
anyone has experience lodging bugs with these guys, I'd appreciate any


Simon Perry (aka Pezz)

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