[arch-general] apache 2.4

Karol Babioch karol at babioch.de
Tue Dec 3 16:59:48 EST 2013


Am 03.12.2013 16:37, schrieb David C. Rankin:
> The 2.2->2.4 update represents a "major" update to crucial parts of apache
> including:

This is exactly the reason why the new version should be provided by
Arch itself and not some "third-party" AUR packages.

> For something as fundamental to server operations as apache, Arch should
> continue to provide 2.2 as the core package while providing 2.4 in testing for
> an extended period. A clear timeline for the move of 2.4 from testing to core
> should be developed by reasoned discussion with input from the user base. Once
> 2.4 moves to core, 2.2 should be maintained in core as (eg. apache22) for so
> long as support is provided by apache.org.

Having used Arch for a couple of years now, this usually is something
that gets resolved by an appropriate RFC over on the arch-dev mailing
list. I have no problem with there actually being two version of Apache
in the repositories for a while, so people get some time to get their
installations migrated. Looking at this from the "outside" there seems
to be no effort to get this thing started at all. I don't see any
technical reasons for this, but at least to me it seems that basically
nobody cares ...

Best regards,
Karol Babioch

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