[arch-general] r8168 network driver

phanisvara listmail at phanisvara.com
Mon Dec 9 14:40:55 EST 2013

for the last year, or 1.5 years, i've been using r8168 from 
[community] because at that time r8169, which  is included in the 
kernlel, didn't work properly. i got disconnected frequently, and 
often LAN speed dropped to ~0.

after some kernel upgrades the r8168 driver needed to be re-built, 
and i kept filing bugs when this happened -- as now, after i got 

in the meantime i switched back to r8169 though, and lo and behold, 
it seems to be working fine now. i'm wondering if this may be the case 
for others as well? nothing changed in my hardware, but the kernel 
with the r8169 driver did, and now it's working fine for me.

is r8168 still needed?


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