[arch-general] Patching in PKGBUILDS

Jan Alexander Steffens jan.steffens at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 22:33:17 EST 2013

On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 4:14 AM, Mark Lee <mark at markelee.com> wrote:
> Salutations,
> While debugging a libva-intel-driver issue, I found that makepkg was not
> reporting failures to patch source files. Is there a reason behind this
> behavior?
> Regards,
> Mark
> P.S. Happy New Year!
> --
> Mark Lee <mark at markelee.com>

makepkg does not do any patching by itself. Patch commands are given
by the user, typically in the prepare() function. Since set -e is
used, makepkg will abort if `patch` returns non-zero. What does your
PKGBUILD look like?

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