[arch-general] Audio distro based on Arch Linux

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Feb 12 07:05:24 EST 2013

Hi :)

is there an audio distro based on Arch Linux, that already is rawly set
up for audio studio production.

Another requirement for me is, that such a distro shouldn't cause or at
least only less inconsistencies, when using the Arch and AUR

I suspect http://didjix.blogspot.com isn't intended for audio studios?

Perhaps I missed an audio distro listed at
;) when I searched for "music" and "audio" on this site.

If there shouldn't be an audio distro, I'll install a _real_ Arch
Linux :(, ;).
Resp., is one of the distros that come with Xfce by default uncritical
regarding to the used packages (dependency issues)? And will one of
those distros install not to much services etc. that I would have to
remove for audio work?


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