[arch-general] Linux-3.7.3-1-i686 blank screen

Brian Wood woodbrian77 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 16:31:05 EST 2013

> I have installed xf86-video-vesa 2.3.2-2 but while
> xf86-video-nouveau
> 1.0.6-1 is also installed that seems to be given preference > in the boot
> procedure, so I'll remove it and keep my fingers crossed!

I experienced similar problems.  I wasn't able to
start X without xf86-video-nouveau, but had core
dumps with it.  Now I'm trying an install on another
machine with an Intel video card.  So far so good,
but it hasn't been long enough to tell.

I'm new to Arch and have been using another distro
for years.  Arch has over 60 fewer processes running
and less than half as many files in /etc than my
old distro had.  These things are helpful for me
from a sys admin perspective.  Thanks for the work
done on Arch so far.

Brian Wood
Ebenezer Enterprises - in G-d we trust.
http://webEbenezer.net          (651) 251-9384

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