[arch-general] OpenNTPd not correcting time on boot

Joe Eaves jinux at alluha.net
Tue Jul 2 17:37:41 EDT 2013


First time posting so forgive me if I get it wrong. (This is already a
resend because I used the wrong email previously!)

I'm using OpenNTPd as a time server for my local network, but I have a
slight issue. I run it on my Raspberry Pi which lacks a hardware clock, so
every time I boot it, it thinks the time is 1970.

In the systemd init file, openntpd.service, it runs the ntpd daemon with
the '-s' option, which tell it that if the time is really far out of sync,
just update it straight to the time that the server has. The problem is,
this doesn't happen after boot.

If I manually set the time with 'date -s @0000000000' and then restart the
openntpd service it will work, but not automatically after boot up.

I suspect it might be that it's not able to talk to a server because it's
starting the service before the network is ready or something, but I'm
using a static IP and have told openntpd.service that "wants" and "after"
both == network.target.

Any ideas?



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