[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] /etc/shells should keep /bin/zsh

Chris Down chris at chrisdown.name
Mon Jul 1 23:38:58 EDT 2013

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On 2 July 2013 05:50, S=C3=A9bastien Luttringer <seblu at seblu.net> wrote:
> Have 2 paths will be painful with chsh as I describe in the bugreport.

I think I might have not quite fleshed out option "a" fully. I'm
talking about a&b, not a^b.

>> a. both the old path and /usr/bin be acceptable
>> b. only the old path be acceptable
>> c. only the new path be acceptable

There is also "d. allow either", which (I think) is what you believe I
meant by a.

I don't think having both would be confusing. It would allow people to
use the new paths (which seems sane), but also use the old ones which
have been used for years and years. I agree that "allow either" is not
sane from any perspective.

Preferentially I still think we should deprecate the old shell paths
though, unless there are technical limitations.

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