[arch-general] Why is netcfg again in [base]?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 16 09:23:30 EDT 2013

[2013-07-16 13:25:57 +0200] A Rojas:
> why are my messages still moderated?

See below.

> If I understood correctly, when the moderation system was set up the
> idea was that after the first message was accepted the address was
> automatically whitelisted.

That's incorrect. Only subscribers with a consistent record of
constructive contributions get whitelisted. And the process is
completely manual.

> I have sent a few messages since then

These two messages of yours are the first ones since January...

> many times they are not relevant anymore when they are finally published.

So far you've only posted three times in 2013; that's not "many times".
And although your messages do not seem time critical to me, I would like
to point out that your original one in this thread was received by our
servers at 06:12 and accepted by me at 07:18 (both times UTC-04).

Please do contribute constructively to this list and you will get
whitelisted eventually.


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