[arch-general] downgrades when moving out of [testing]

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 26 09:37:39 EDT 2013

Am 26.03.2013 14:22, schrieb Matthew Monaco:
> Are the packages being removed from [testing] before being added to e.g. [core]?

I think there is not, and if there is, it is not more than a few

> Does mirroring happen separately, but faster for [testing]? (I use kernel.org).

Assuming that mirror syncing happens incrementally in alphabetical
order, you will first get the updated [core] database (/core/ folder),
then the updated package files (/pool/ folder) and last the updated
[testing] database (/testing/ folder). I guess mirrors could even sync
completely before putting everything in place, although rsync can't do
that on its own, I think.

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