[arch-general] gnome 3.7

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Sat Mar 30 16:52:16 EDT 2013

According to Ionut Biru:
# shit happens when packages are not ready.
# wait for our notification.

Ah thanks. That's definitely what I did wrong. I jumped the gun by more
than a few seconds :P. I still have the repo commented out in my
pacman.conf, so I'll try it as soon as the notification comes. Seems I'm
not the only one who jumped early, as the post here in this thread got
forwarded to the Orca list as well. I'm just glad I knew how to fix the
breakage on my system and so was one of the ones who was able to warn
others on that list that it's not yet ready. I will post to the Orca
list to let everyone know that there will be a notification when GNOME
3.8 is completely built and ready for testing.
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