[arch-general] truecrypt, loop and /etc/modules-load.d/truecrypt.conf

John Davis davisjf at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 12:39:56 EDT 2013


I used the wikipage to address the problem where loop module does not load.
 Here is the relevant page.

=== Failed to set up a loop device ===

If you get a message "Failed to set up a loop device" when trying to
create/mount a TrueCrypt volume, it may be because you updated your kernel
recently without rebooting.
Rebooting should fix this error.

Otherwise, check if ''loop'' has been loaded as kernel module:

 $ lsmod | grep loop

If not listed, retry the TrueCrypt command after {{ic|modprobe loop}}.
Should it work, consider to add ''loop'' to the modules in

 # tee /etc/modules-load.d/truecrypt.conf <<< "loop"

{{Note|As of udev 181-5, the loop device module is no longer auto-loaded,
and the procedure described here is necessary.}}

I am using a stock kernel.  I tried to use sudo to run truecrypt and it
failed to setup a loop device.  I did a check of lsmod output and loop was
not loaded after I made the truecrypt.conf change.

After I modprobe loop by hand truecrypt would work and the encrypted drive
would be mounted on /mnt/truecrypt1.  Is there something which needs to
edited to the wiki page regarding truecrypt.conf?  It does not seem to
work, and it seems that manually loading the module is required.

John F. Davis
6 Kandes Court
Durham, NC 27713


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