[arch-general] LVM + mdadm no longer works on boot

Sean Greenslade sean at seangreenslade.com
Tue Oct 15 15:37:34 EDT 2013

Hi, all. I'm running a small fileserver that has three SATA drives set
up in RAID5 via mdadm. That RAID holds one LVM pv which is split up into
several logical volumes. This setup has worked fine in the past, but
with the lastest system update my LVM partitions are not getting
discovered correctly, leading to the boot hanging until I manually run
"vgchange -ay". After that, the boot proceeds as normal.

It would appear that the latest lvm2 package is what causes the issue.
Downgrading to 2.02.100-1 boots fine, whereas 2.02.103-1 hangs.

So how exactly should I proceed from here? I'm trying to understand how
systemd makes it all work together, but I'm rather confused by it all.


--Sean Greenslade

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