[arch-general] [closed] Audio distro

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Fri Oct 18 14:55:05 EDT 2013

On Fri, 2013-10-18 at 11:35 -0600, Jason Harrer wrote:
> Being a musician and recording using Linux audio, I can concur that
> Arch Ian't the best distro to start with.  It's great to use when you
> know what you're doing, though.
> I don't know if you're familiar with KX Studio, but it may be a better
> alternative.  It currently is set up through Ubuntu PPAs, but the
> developer is in the process of transitioning to a Debian repo/PPA (I
> don't recall what Debian uses) for the same reason you cited.  I
> recommend giving that one a look.

My audio distro already is Arch Linux. I was thinking of making a distro
for newbies. I'm using Linux for audio for around 10 years.

I still would recommend Ubuntu Studio to newbies, without KX Studio PPA,
but with building a real-time kernel, removing pulseaudio and all those
software centre, updater crap.

Ubuntu Studio is a very good distro. IIRC the poll at Linux Audio User
mailing list showed that most people use Ubuntu Studio and/or Arch Linux
for audio usage.

IMO Ubuntu makes a step into the wrong direction, so nobody does know
how long Ubuntu Studio will be a good audio distro.

However, I agree that not only providing an audio distro based on Arch
is much work, but also giving support, so I decided, that my idea isn't
good. I wasn't thinking about the support and already uncertain, if it's
worse the effort to make a distro without support. Support is needed and
I guess we are to few people to do that.

So, the thread can be closed.

Thank you all for the hints. Special thanks again to Oon-Ee Ng who
mentions support and trouble-shooting services.


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