[arch-general] Replacing journal completely with syslog-ng

Dimitris Zervas dzervas at dzervas.gr
Sun Oct 27 12:41:36 EDT 2013

I have to say that I really hate journalctl.
But apart from that, I need syslog.
Journalctl requires too much resources (I have a 512MB KVM) and some times
it kicks the server out of memory.
Also, there is nearly no way to parse its logs with any log analyzers, you
have to do it the hackish way with "journalctl -o export" which is very
heavyweight and requires a whole shell process to do so.
I just want to completely disable journalctl and use syslog-ng like the
good old days.
Any help on how to do that?
I did my h/w (googled it) but I got no helpful results...
Any help appreciated! :)

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