[arch-general] fsck.f2fs and systemd

Temlin Olivér temlin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 14:18:55 EDT 2013

On Oct 31, 2013 10:29 AM, "Simon Perry" <arch at sanxion.net> wrote:
> - Is there any way to override how systemd does its fsck? I've tried
>   poking around and overriding systemd-fsck-root.service and
>   systemd-fsck at .service to no avail. Any advice on this?
Fsck'ing can be disabled in the fstab file, and you can try to write a
custom systemd module to do it.

> - Should systemd always expect an fsck tool to accept that the "-a"
>   arg works, therefore an issue for f2fs-tools upstream, or should
>   systemd be aware of this (therefore an upstream issue for systemd).
It is a standard that init and systemd pass an -a to the fsck denoting that
there could be no user interaction. This is why btrfs-tools ships only
"btrfsck" which is not recognized as an fsck.fstype command by the
initscripts. So at least ask the packagers to move the command to f2fsck as
to not confuse init (or systemd in Arch).

--Temlin Olivér

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