[arch-general] Systemd email notifications

Damjan Georgievski gdamjan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 11:58:05 EST 2014

> Yeah, I think it's possible to get systemd to poll a script, or there's
> always cron (or a timer
> unit) that should allow us to manually inspect a process and restart it if
> necessary.  But it
> would be cooler if there were shortcuts to features that we see in Monit
> and other similar
> systems; something like this in a unit file:
> MaxMemoryThreshold=100M
> MaxMemoryCheckInterval=30
> MaxMemoryIntervalThrehold=2
> The memory is then checked every 30 seconds.  When the unit exceeds this
> amount of RAM
> for 2 successive intervals, the unit is restarted.
there is setting of ulimits in systemd, it's much more brutal though, will
not wait for 30 seconds

man systemd.exec


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