[arch-general] Any way to change .PKGINFO post build w/o Rebuilding?

David C. Rankin drankinatty at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Feb 26 02:13:48 EST 2014


  I patched tdebase for the logind-multiseat patch as was applied to
kde-workspace for Arch kde4. Doing so, I forgot to change the provides=
replaces= information. Now the new package will not install due to every file
conflicting with an existing file. The new file is named 'tde-tdebase-systemd'
and it replaces a package named 'tde-tdebase'. Can I decompress the package and
manually edit the .PKGINFO file and then recompress the file and have it work?
The package is unsigned if that makes any difference. What is currently in the
.PKGINFO file is:

# Generated by makepkg 4.1.2
# using fakeroot version 1.20
# Wed Feb 26 06:24:01 UTC 2014
pkgname = tde-tdebase-systemd
pkgver = R14preRC1-1
pkgdesc = Trinity Desktop Enviroment base components - TDE upstream GIT
url = http://scm.trinitydesktop.org/scm/git/tdebase
builddate = 1393395841
packager = David C. Rankin < drankinatty at gmail dot com >
size = 78513152
arch = i686
license = GPL
replaces = trinity-tdebase
provides = tdebase
provides = tde-tdebase

  I think the change needed is:

replaces = tde-tdebase
replaces = trinity-tdebase
provides = tdebase
provides = tde-tdebase

  Does this have a chance of working or should I just bite the bullet and
rebuild the package?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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