[arch-general] Thank you

John WH Smith jwhsmith at englandmail.com
Mon Jan 6 17:04:43 EST 2014

 From my UNIX user point of view, there is no distribution closer to the 
UNIX philosophy than Arch Linux. Lightweight, simple and yet powerful, 
this distribution serves the UNIX and GNU/Linux purposes better than any 
other. No frills all around the kernel, no shiny and useless packages 
upon installation, but a completely customisable environment, with clean 
and pure UNIX software interfaces available. When you boot an Arch 
system and get this little login prompt on screen, it does feels like 
nothing is impossible, like you can do literally everything with this 
piece of software.

I have been a Debian/Ubuntu user for quite a few years, and even though 
these are perfect to discover Linux, there is nothing quite like Arch to 
actually realise what "Linux" is meant to be. Moreover, the GNU/Linux 
projects were meant to be matters of community, designed for (keen) 
computer scientists, and not for economics. Arch wouldn't be what it is 
today if it was maintained by a little group, or by a corporation. Arch 
pleases all of us because it is us that define it, and nothing should 
change this. As far as I am concerned, I joined the mailing list 
recently, and I am glad to see that the community is available, reactive 
and constantly thinking about available improvements. I chose Arch Linux 
for its philosophy, and those are the reasons why I'm still using it.

To me, that's how Arch has evolved, and how it should keep evolving,
A great 2014 to Arch, and to you all, who made it what it is today.

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