[arch-general] Thank you

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Mon Jan 6 17:32:53 EST 2014

According to Alper Kanat:
# I wish Arch was supported officially on things like AWS and other server
# infrastructures. It's clearly my favourite distro for many years. But it's
# pretty heartbreaking to see that its support is only community driven.

This is still true on the most wellknown infrastructures such as AWS.
However, Arch is officially supported on DigitalOcean[1], which has had
the honor of being the fastest growing server provider of the past year.
They officially provide Arch images for both 32-bit and 64-bit
architectures, available on a per hour or monthly basis, depending on
which is the lower price, similar to other so-called cloud hosting
platforms. As far as I know, it's not the only provider to support Arch,
but it is probably one of very few, and they seem to have the best
service and specs for the price. Hope this helps.

[1]: https://digitalocean.com/
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