[arch-general] libgcrypt.so.20 missing

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Jan 13 13:13:18 EST 2014

On 01/13/2014 07:08 PM, Mark E. Lee wrote:
> Salutations!
> After an upgrade of my entire system, I am now unable to install
> packages or run any programs that depend on libgcrypt. I get the
> following error : libgrypt.so.20 not found.
> Looking at my pacman logs it seems that This error appeared after an
> update to pth (2.0.7-4 -> 2.0.7-5). I've downgraded the package but it
> doesn't seem to solve the issue.
> Regards,
> Mark

libgcrypt.so.20 is part of libgcrypt-1.6.0 which is in [core]. I believe
it has been moved there recently, so try to run pacman -Syu again.

Note: My last name is not Krejzi.

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