[arch-general] Kernel 3.13

Jonathan Hudson jh+arch at daria.co.uk
Sun Jan 26 15:23:34 EST 2014

On Sun, 26 Jan 2014 20:17:13 +0000, Dave wrote:

>Jonathan Hudson <jh+arch at daria.co.uk> wrote:
>>When you upgrade to kernel 3.13, pacman considerately informs you that
>>you must have a keyboard hook in mkinitcpio.conf.
>>What you're not told is that if you have an AT keyboard, you also need
>>to ensure that the atkbd module is loaded, otherwise you probably won't
>>have a working keyboard on reboot.
>Do you subscribe to arch-dev-public?  It's under discussion there and saved me.

Thanks for the clue.


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