[arch-general] Permanently allow root access

piruthiviraj natarajan piruthiviraj at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 22:55:14 EST 2014

I want to run root X application in a terminal.

[root at archbox ~]# smplayer
smplayer: cannot connect to X server
[root at archbox ~]#

I followed the wiki

added  export XAUTHORITY=/home/archie/.Xauthority  to /etc/profile.

After this I am not able to login with my user account archie through gdm.
Deleting the added line to /etc/profile let me log back in.
How can I get  this thing working as I wish?

I definitely don't prefer the method given under temporarily allow root
access as per the wiki page, since in other distribution I can start the X
applications in a root terminal without a hitch. I  would like to start
root X applications in a terminal.

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