[arch-general] Open Source ati driver can't load GLX extension

Simon Brand simon.brand at postadigitale.de
Wed Mar 5 10:22:55 EST 2014

Am 05.03.2014 16:04, schrieb Felix Yan:
> On Wednesday, March 05, 2014 13:18:02 Heiko Becker wrote:
>> OpenGL GLX extension not supported by displayAssert( Assertion
>> Failed: Fatal Error: OpenGL GLX extension not supported by
>> display
> You need (lib32-)ati-dri besides xf86-video-ati, for OpenGL GLX
> extension to work with steam.

He said "since some days".
Does the same happen with a clean steam in a clean home directory?

It would be nice to know, which packages have been updated.

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