[arch-general] PKGBUILD any way to create pkg-A & pkg-A-test that install w/o conflict

LoneVVolf lonewolf at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 8 06:35:09 EST 2014

On 08-03-14 06:18, David C. Rankin wrote:
> All,
>    Is it possible to create multiple packages that have different package names
> but are the same package (with different patches) and have them install without
> conflict? (for testing) Currently I'm testing systemd patches for pkg
> 'tde-tdebase'.  I built a separate package with the systemd patches called
> 'tde-tdebase-systemd'. Both have the same provides=('tdebase').
>    Whenever I attempt to install tde-tdebase-systemd, it conflicts with every
> file from the old tde-tdebase packages requiring a 'pacman -Rdd tde-tdebase',
> then a pacman -U tde-tdebase-systemd to install.
>    I would like to find something like replaces=() that would work on simple
> package installs without doing a Sysupgrade each time I switch back and forth.
> Is this possible, or is it just better to keep the same pkgname and use
> different pkgrel to distinguish (I've been doing it this way, but would like to
> use a descriptive filename that identifies included patches) I know 'replaces'
> is only for Sysupgrade, is there any workaround for normal package installs?

Try using a virtual package and combining provides=()  with conflicts=()




switching between foo and foo-alternative should then be possible by 
doing a simple pacman -S (or -U) .

Note : it can be done without a virtual package foo-base, but imo using 
a virtual package makes it clearer what happens, especially if you want 
to test multiple alternatives.


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