[arch-general] Problems of using pacman and updating the filesystem

Kinney Baughman baughmankr at appstate.edu
Sat Mar 8 12:40:38 EST 2014

On 03/08/2014 01:13 AM, Bigby James wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 08, 2014 at 03:56:28AM +0000, Cao, Renzhi (MU-Student) wrote:
>> I plan to use :
>> dd if=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1 2>&1 | grep GRUB
>> dd if=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1 2>&1 | grep LILO
>> to check the bootloader I have. I am really new to arch linux, but I want to fix that problem. It seems I almost fix the problem, just solve the lilo and grub-common problem.  If I reinstall arch linux, that could be more difficult for me, and I am afraid of losing my data in the system.
>> Renzhi Cao
>> Email : rcrg4 at mail.missouri.edu
>> ________________________________________
> Well, obviously you're going to make backups before you go about messing with
> highly sensitive parts of your system, especially when using dd, right? And take
> my word, and the word of every other Archer for it: If reinstalling by following
> the *Beginner's Guide* is too difficult for you, the previously posted, advanced
> update guide will be much harder, and Arch is likely not the right distribution
> for you.

Ditto what Bigby says.

I've been refraining from making a similar post.  But honestly, Renzhi, your best bet at 
this stage of the game is to backup and re-install Arch.  By the time you slug through all 
the suggestions in this thread, you could already have a new box up and running, one that 
you can be sure is trim and solid.

Good luck.



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