[arch-general] tap device

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 06:06:32 EDT 2014

> Hi Arnaud, I don't think you need the /etc/netctl/ethernet profile at all. The enp7s0
> interface is being absorbed into the bridge, and so should not be considered on its own any
> more. Otherwise, this looks OK. Are you seeing any connectivity problems?

Thank you.
Btw, as I was thinking using the tap0 interface for the container with
systemd-networkd when I realized systemd.netdev does not support tap
interface !
1- i do not use systemd-networkd and configure network inside
container using tap0 (I spent so much time understanding networkd I
will not favor this way)
2- I use networkd with a bridge br0 bind to "enp7s0" and
"my_container_interface". I am still not sure what kind of interface I
shall put for container.
 I know "vb-container_name" works as interface (this is a virtual
bridge), when enabling the 80-container-host0.network,  but I need to
modify systemd-nspawn at .service and append --network-bridge=br0 in the
line ExecStart. This does sound like a dirty hack.
In this case, I will have host0 on container, and br0 on host.
Furthermore, the virtual bridge notion sounds weird to me. A bridge is
already a virtual interface, so with the virtual bridge, it sound we
are at virtual layer 2 !!

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