[arch-general] tap device

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 06:30:13 EDT 2014

On Tuesday 11 Mar 2014 11:06:32 arnaud gaboury wrote:
> > Hi Arnaud, I don't think you need the /etc/netctl/ethernet profile at all.
> > The enp7s0 interface is being absorbed into the bridge, and so should not
> > be considered on its own any more. Otherwise, this looks OK. Are you
> > seeing any connectivity problems?
> Thank you.
> Btw, as I was thinking using the tap0 interface for the container with
> systemd-networkd when I realized systemd.netdev does not support tap
> interface !
> So:
> 1- i do not use systemd-networkd and configure network inside
> container using tap0 (I spent so much time understanding networkd I
> will not favor this way)
> 2- I use networkd with a bridge br0 bind to "enp7s0" and
> "my_container_interface". I am still not sure what kind of interface I
> shall put for container.
>  I know "vb-container_name" works as interface (this is a virtual
> bridge), when enabling the 80-container-host0.network,  but I need to
> modify systemd-nspawn at .service and append --network-bridge=br0 in the
> line ExecStart. This does sound like a dirty hack.
> In this case, I will have host0 on container, and br0 on host.
> Furthermore, the virtual bridge notion sounds weird to me. A bridge is
> already a virtual interface, so with the virtual bridge, it sound we
> are at virtual layer 2 !!

systemd-networkd is still really new. If you're having difficulty with it, I recommend simply 
using netctl, which is a bit more mature. As far the rest, I'm afraid I don't know. Before any 
manual configuration, did you see any network interfaces in the container? I'm losing track 
of what you've created and what systemd creates for you when you spawn the container. (I 
think you're using systemd-nspawn, right?)


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