[arch-general] Security vulnerability (CVE-2014-0004) in udisks/udisks2

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 11 07:17:18 EDT 2014

Am 11.03.2014 12:02, schrieb Manuel Reimer:
> Thomas Bächler <thomas <at> archlinux.org> writes:
>> I quickly went over to gmane and requested subscription of arch-security
>> to gmane, so there is nothing left but to wait.
> I hope you didn't request readonly as, if I'm registered to the list with
> the mail address, I use from the gmane webinterface, it is possible to post
> to, for example, the general list.
> This posting is written using the gmane webinterface and in many cases I
> don't have access to my private mail, so having access to a list via
> webinterface can be very handy.

I think I did. I didn't know you could post to the list when you're
subscribed. I guess I'll try to change the options again when I hear
back from them.

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