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Mauro Santos registo.mailling at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 08:03:11 EDT 2014

On 12-03-2014 10:43, Paul Gideon Dann wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 Mar 2014 18:03:20 arnaud gaboury wrote:
>>> OK, so you really just need basic internet connectivity; you don't
>>> have any special filtering requirements. When you boot the
>>> container, can it see the enp7s0 interface? That is, is the enp7s0
>>> interface visible both from the host and from the container?
>> no. On container, I just see hos0, what is expected
> So you're using --network-veth when you launch the container? As far as I can tell, you 
> don't need a tap interface at all; that will be handled automatically by systemd.
> I think all you need to do is create the bridge br0, binding the physical interface enp7s0 on 
> its own (a bridge containing only the host's adaptor). Then, you launch the container with --
> network-bridge=br0. That will automatically add the container's interface to the bridge.
> I'm not sure if the container will be aware of the bridge's IP address at this point. I'd want to 
> check with the "ip a" command to see if it's listening on the same IP address on host0 and 
> check to see if it has connectivity before assigning an IP to the host0 interface inside the 
> container.
> Paul

I have found that you will need to bring the virtual interface up (the
one handled by systemd-nspawn). If you are running systemd-networkd on
the host then you can do that easily with a network file. I've called
mine vb-veth.network and it contains:


Right now on the host side I have everything being handled only by
systemd-{networkd,nspawn}, I don't add any physical interfaces to the
bridge but I suppose that would also be possible to do with

Mauro Santos

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