[arch-general] creating an archlinux usb key with persistence

Manolo Martínez manolo at austrohungaro.com
Thu Mar 13 06:38:47 EDT 2014

On 03/13/14 at 03:59am, Mark Lee wrote:
> While I don't know of any specific instructions on the Arch wiki, you can
> install Arch Linux onto a usb stick like a regular {H,S}DD. In my case, I
> made three partitions. The first was an NTFS partition for using the usb
> stick as a data transferring device; the second was a FAT32 boot partition
> (for EFI and Syslinux booting); the third was a BTRFS root partition (with
> transparent LZO compression enabled to reduce read/write). In addition, I
> use a script to place certain directories (mostly $HOME directories in my
> case) in a tmpfs partition (I just link them to /tmp) to decrease the
> effect of USB writes on the system. My script syncs the tmpfs directores to
> disk every 5 minutes. Since it's a full Arch Linux system, it upgrades and
> evolves like any other Arch system.

That sounds amazing, and I want one :) If you have a fuller blog post
somewhere, or that script is available, I'm interested.


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